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Medical Malpractice

Welcome to the Epperly & Follis, P.C., Medical Malpractice webpage. We are a law firm concentrating in catastrophic personal injury cases against major defendants such as nursing homes, hospitals, insurance companies, product manufacturers, corporations and municipalities. Our firm does not approach its cases as mere jobs, but as causes in which larger issues are at stake - causes in which our firm's lawyers invest personal dedication to see that justice is done.
Are you one of the many people who has been injured, misdiagnosed, suffered physical or emotional distress, or have lost a loved one because of a medical mistake? Epperly & Follis, P.C has provided this page to help inform you of your rights and the legal recourse that may be available to you. We feel that information and education can help injured victims take action against those who have damaged their lives.

"First of All, to Do No Harm…"

It is common knowledge that when physicians enter the medical profession, they take an oath that in part promises to "never intentionally do harm." Unfortunately, some doctors do cause harm through their mistakes, ignorance, negligence, lack of skill and misdiagnosis. Medical malpractice is the result of a health care provider's failure to provide the expected standard of care.
The medical profession brings health and hope to millions of Americans every day, however far too many are injured or killed due to medical mistakes. 
  • It is estimated that between 200,000 and 400,000 people are injured or killed in preventable medical errors each year.
  • The top five areas of medical malpractice allegations are diagnosis, surgery, treatment, obstetrics, and medication/anesthesia.
  • 40% of physicians say that their monthly patient volume can lead to errors
In addition to the high costs of medical mistakes in terms of lives and quality of life, our nation pays an estimated $19.5 billion per year in costs due to preventable errors.
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In legal terms, healthcare professionals are only required to give a standard of care that is ordinary or normal. When a physician is determined to be negligent, it means that he or she has failed to use the same degree of skill and learning, under the same or similar circumstances, that are used by other members of the medical profession. Some of the most common ways that medical malpractice occurs is through failure or errors in timely diagnosis and ordering appropriate treatment, ordering necessary tests and proper medication, consulting with specialists, and surgical procedures.

The Harm That is Done

Medicine is a complicated and varied field, so it is impossible to provide a comprehensive list all of the types of malpractice claims. However, the leading types of malpractice claims include:

Restitution for Harm

If your attorney is able to prove your medical malpractice case and the medical provider is found negligent, then you are entitled to recover "damages." Damages are intended to help you return to the condition you were in prior to the injury. There are several forms of damages that you may recover in a medical malpractice award - economic (for lost wages or medical expenses), non-economic (for pain and suffering), or punitive (to punish reckless behavior) damages. You may also receive compensation for future medical expenses and loss of future earnings. Punitive damages occur only in rare cases when it is proved that the medical practitioner had malicious intent.
Medical malpractice claims are one of the most difficult areas of litigation since the negligent action must be documented and proven within specific guidelines. The experienced medical litigation attorneys of Epperly & Follis, P.C can help prepare your medical personal injury claim, wrongful death suit and any other lawsuit where a healthcare practitioner may have caused you harm.

Time is of the Essence

If you suspect that you are a victim of malpractice, time is of the essence. Consult one of our medical malpractice lawyers immediately to discuss your case and make an important step in taking control of your situation. At Epperly & Follis, P.C, we do not approach our cases as mere jobs, but as causes in which larger issues are at stake - causes in which our firm's lawyers invest personal dedication to see that justice is done.
Our skilled team of lawyers knows the law, the legal process and victim's rights. We can help you make informed decisions, so please call Epperly & Follis, P.C today at 1-888-703-0109 or 804-648-6480, or contact us via our online Contact Form.