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Denial of Insurance

People purchase insurance coverage with the belief that the insurance company will provide benefits in a time of need. However, the attorneys at Epperly & Follis, P.C. have represented many Virginians in claims against their own insurance companies, after being denied benefits.
If your insurance company attempts to deny benefits, delay payment or offer an inadequate settlement, it may be acting in bad faith; essentially, breaking the contract of your insurance policy. At Epperly & Follis, P.C., we know how to handle insurance companies. We have the experience and the resources to follow up with insurers to get the money you are owed. Our attorneys are prepared to take your claim to court, and that knowledge alone can often force an insurance company to honor its commitment.
Epperly & Follis  |  Denial of Insurance
Certainly there are steps you can take to protect yourself against denial of insurance – read your policy carefully before speaking to an insurance representative or submitting a claim. Understand what coverage you do or don't have. Save all receipts for any costs you incurred – even if you aren't sure what's eligible for reimbursement. Most importantly, don't cash any settlement checks without being certain your settlement is fair.
But when due diligence on your part isn't enough – the legal team at Epperly & Follis, P.C. is ready to help. Our skilled team of lawyers knows the law, the legal process and victim's rights. If you have been denied insurance benefits, you need the experienced attorneys at Epperly & Follis, P.C. We will fight for justice on your behalf. Contact us today at 1-888-703-0109 or (804) 648-6480, or contact us online