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000 000 traffic fatalities 000 women 1 124 workers injured 150-year prison term 17 million victims 2 2001-2003 honda civics 29 3 34 surgeries 4-hour restart 52 cases 79 percent of americans aapr “hall of shame abdominal pain absence of clear guidelines accepted standard of care aging drivers aging senior air handlers airbag recall alphabet alzheimers american victims amicus letter ammonium nitrate explode anti-regulatory wrath antibioticdoxycycline appalachia apple arbitration clauses areas of concern remain arrive alive assault a police officer attorney audible alerts auto loan delinquencies auto safety parts auto-accident autoliv automakers responsible autonomous vehicles axlegeeks baby jackets baby powder baby rattles baby swallowed battery bankruptcy trustee batteries beach collapse bernard madoff big pharma bill cosby billions of dollars binding rules birth defect birth defects birth injuries birth injury birth injury attorney bizarre fraud blind blockbuster drug bob mcdonnell boys grow breasts bring lawsuit brooke astor brownish water burn your skin california dmv california environmental laws canagliflozin cancel the trip car insurance cause strokes cdc cdrh celebrate lifeteen drug use cell phones ceo and chairman cfpb charlottesville cheated fiancé check fraud chesterfield county police choice of roommates circuit courts civil remedy close beach co-conspirators coal mine injury collecting bribes colorado common disorder common tricks compensation complaints complex challenges confidential settlement congress nullify consumer protection laws consumer relief convenience corporate misbehavior corruption court of appeals create noise credit card con credit card number criminal wrongdoing curtis loftis cyberattacks increasing cybersecurity damages for injuries dangerous drugs deadly car crash deaths between 2007-2014 deceptive abusive practices defamation lawsuits defective airbags defective medical devices delinquencies denials of misconduct department of justice deregulation despicable deteriorated standards devices diabetes drug didn’t educate diesel emissions crimes different last name difficult to prove fault disgorgement distracted driving district courts dodd-frank dodd-frank act under fire domestic terrorism drafting legislation drive less safely driver health and longevity driverless cars driving skills decline drowning drug killed victims drug manufacturers drunk driving dupont eight nursing home patients elder abuse elder scams elderly driver elderly drivers mostly safe electric blowers electric vehicles embezzled client funds emergency care or assistance engineer fell asleep epa ethics software issues ethnicity evade government monitors excess diesel emissions expanded definition of abuse eye protection facetime car crash failed to warn fake bank documents fake investment accounts fake sheriff fake texts from nurses fake version of app faked terminal cancer false pretenses fatigue cdc fbi fcc universal service fund fda federal agents raid federal criminal charges federal hate crimes law federal indictments federal judge federal lawsuit fell ill fentanyl fever filing a lawsuit financial fraud financial quicksand firm guidelines first-degree murder fl forced arbitration clauses forced to drive day and night forge signature forged signatures forgery former virginia governor found guilty four levels of courts fraud fraudster fraudulent behavior fraudulent misrepresentation fraudulent transactions free vacation frivolous lawsuits ftc ftc new website full-value-of-life fun without drinking furniture tip-overs gender generic drug prices germany extradite glass knobs glaxosmithkline gloves and boots glyburide good samaritan laws google greyball guidance gynecomastia habitat restoration hail damage hang up headaches health and human services health care fraud helmet helmet maker riddell hepatitis a contamination hepatitis c outbreak heroin hijack credit history hoboken terminal homeowners insurance households losing their cars how children view alcohol huge growth potential human error human nature human psychology in driving hybrid cars identity theft ikea illegal lending practices immigrant victims immune to lawsuits important rite of passage inattention increased crash risk indiana infant medical condition information injuries or deaths injury cases institute of medicine insulin overdose internet companies invokana® iran hostages irs scam irving picard jamie dimon johnson and johnson jp morgan jp morgan chase juvenile misbehavior kentucky federal judge kickbacks to nursing homes kidney failure labor violations lack of consumer interest lawsuit lawsuits lead leather clothing libel suit life-threatening lifeline lifelong care liquidation lottery fraud low-income people madoff maintain high prices make consumer voices heard malicious manipulation malm dressers mandatory arbitration manorcare marijuana mark rosekind mass torts massive recall medicaid medical malpractice medical malpractice lawsuits medicare medicare fraud medication errors mentally unfit mercury contamination mercury-tainted fish metal halide lamps micro gas generator midwives minot north dakota misrepresent facts mortgage fraud motorcycle safety multiple synthetic persons mylan national origin natonwide trend nausea negligence negligence cases negligent new administration new guidelines new legislation new regulations new safety standards nhtsa nhtsa rule nih no expectation of payment no lifeguards no one wants driverless cars no special permit nonexistent drivers not liable not made by takata nurses nursing home residentsrights nursing homes ny legislature obstetricians off-highway rvs older americans one finger tap or swipe ontario canada operator fatigue opioid epidemic oregon ovarian cancer patented app patients at risk pause breathing pay legal fees pedestrians hear pennsylvania woman perpetrators person-centered care personal injury personally accountable persuasive pharmaceutical companies phone fraud phone scams plead guilty pompano beach pool slides poorly timed vacation portland or possible carcinogen potentially dangerous potentially lethal predatory loans prescribing errors prevent distracted driving price-fixing product recalls profit as top priority projectile prom night prom season property damage proposed bill protect online publishers protects consumer prove who they are public corruption public health emergency quality of care quiet electric cars race recall reducing air pollution reducing crash deaths reducing risk regulate autonomous vehicles religion repairs lagging responsible corporate citizen restrictions reused needles richmond businessmen right to have visitors risk of ketoacidosis risperdal roll back reforms safe driving clubs safety safety plan sage auto group san francisco scams secret technology self-driving cars self-driving vehicles senate commerce committee seniorsvulnerable serious side effects seth gillman settlement severe burns sexual assault sexual harassment sexual orientation shallow breaths shane’s foundation sheldon silver shenandoah river system shot with a taser sleep apnea small businesses smallmouth bass smart cars smartphones soft on corporate crime speak now colorado special justices spike in deaths spot delivery state court statute of limitations strawberries from egypt struggle subprime auto loans subprime car loans subsidy program substance abuse sulfuric acid sumner redstone supreme court sure it was a scam suspended disability payments swedish synthetic identity theft takata takata airbags not repaired takata bankruptcy take over the brakes talcum powder teamsters teen drivers teens die in crash teva pharmaceuticals theft theft by deception threaten legal action three toddler boys killed too big to fail too good to be true toxic materials train crash trinity health tropical smoothie café trucking industry uber unclaimed money underage drinker unfair and deceptive sales unimproved public property university of virginia update safety laws user-generated content vehicle-related fatalities violate antitrust rules virginia virginia attorney general virginia automated corridors virginia code visa fraud volkswagen guilty plea voluntary voluntary guidelines vomiting vtos vulnerable to hacking vw executives indicted wall street warnings waste weaken the cfpb wealthy elderly well-intentioned passersby white-collar targets wipe out jobs wrongful death wrongful death lawsuit wrongful death lawsuits yelp zevs “backbone of the internet “phantom subscribersfraud “shadowbankruptcy estate “yo-yofinancing